Welcome to the Eifel

We would like to wish you a warm welcome to our sculpture park and we hope that you enjoy your visit to our website.

Hubert Kruft was taught the family business of blacksmithing and metal work by his father. After his apprenticeship, he went on to study design at Aachen University. Since autumn 2013, he has continued the tradition by passing his knowledge on to his son Lukas. 

So, the old village blacksmith’s shop evolved, little by little, into a workshop for artistic metal design and is now entering into its 5th generation of operation.  

Where once oxen and horses were shod, today it is mainly artwork that is created (driven from copper or forged from steel). All pieces are handmade and are therefore unique. 

The strictly naturalistic pieces that you will see again and again, are cast in bronze and have been carefully selected and purchased to complement the other artwork. 

Another important area of Hubert Kruft’s work is "creative arts", which are made from old agricultural implements. Many of his works have been presented at a number of art exhibitions, along with his sculptures made out of "Cortenstahl", which is a weatherproof construction steel.

Not to mention the numerous fountains, which are handmade from solid copper.